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The WCROA DRB has documented a procedure for WCROA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) enforcement.  Communication of the procedure is intended to ensure compliance issues are dealt with in a consistent, timely and fair manner.


The WCROA CC&R enforcement procedure will consist of 4 Steps:  1 Courtesy Call, 2 Information Letter, 3 Compliance Letter and 4 Enforcement Action(s).  Our goal is to address all issues with a courtesy call and never proceed beyond Step 1.   Please see attached.


Beginning February 29, as our onsite Ranch Manager, Nelda will conduct monthly compliance assessments of our community.  These compliance assessment drives are to ensure the overall Ranch is properly maintained.  Please note, unless specially requested by an owner, compliance drives will only be made along the WCR public roads.


Currently the DRB has observed brush and debris piles that will need to be eliminated (Section 8.3 & 8.7).  If an owner chooses to maintain any form of brush, debris, etc. piles on their tract, the placement of these piles should not be visible from the road or other tract owners.  Please contact a DRB member if you have questions.


Thanks in advance for your  cooperation,


WCROA DRB Committee

Sue Hill, Debra Burge, Tom Mitchell 


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