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2024 Eclipse Information

This is a collection of various articles of information regarding the upcoming eclipse coming to our area on April 8th, 2024.

What do Texans need to know?

Insurance, Liability, and Security

Flyover the moon's shadow in animation

A Locals Guide to prepare for April 8, 2024

  • Expect heavy traffic Thursday 4/4 - Tuesday 4/9, especially Monday 4/8.

  • Burnet, Llano & Marble Falls schools are closed Monday 4/8.

  • Fill up your gas tank the weekend prior to the eclipse.

  • Be sure to have supplies ahead of time (groceries, water, eclipse viewing glasses, etc,)

  • Do not schedule appointments or errands to be run on 4/8.

  • Note that cell and internet service will be overwhelmed with additional crowds. Be sure to have a back-up communication plan.

  • Be miondful that all local aid and first responders will be in extreme demand during this event.

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