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Quinn Survives a Snakebite

Quinn, the handsome German Shorthair Pointer owned by Ellis and Francie McKanna, has survived a snakebite last month. Ellis saw him “pointing” in the driveway…and then saw the 4’ rattlesnake several feet away. Before Ellis could grab him, Quinn jumped in and was bitten twice in the shoulder and leg. An emergency call to Dr. Elizabeth DeFiley and a trip to Bluebonnet Vet Clinic in Burnet for three vials of anti-venom has Quinn on the road to recovery. We’re happy to report he’s on the mend with no permanent damage. Fortunately, Quinn was up-to-date with his annual rattlesnake vaccine, which diminishes the impact of a bite, and Quinn has now been through a rattlesnake avoidance course, which will keep him away from snakes in the future. Good news for Quinn, and all beware. The snakes are moving around. Watch where you step, and don’t be surprised to see one on the road or in the grass.

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