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That might not "buff out"


It was just past 5pm on Saturday night September 5th when the skies darkened, the wind came up and to the south and west lightening and loud thunder started making its way towards us. Very shortly thereafter the rain came in buckets. More lightening and thunder. About 5:30 I heard a loud cracking sound. For sure a lightening strike somewhere close.

We have lightening rods on our house, so I wasn't too worried. By 6:30 or so it was over. I when down to our outside kitchen to BBQ some chicken when I looked over to see a pile of rock that had fallen from the south side of the house under our hot tub.

I had left the top of the hot tub off earlier in the day so our granddaughter could use it. I believe we had two lightening strikes, one hitting the water of the hot tub and another hitting the a steel beam behind the rock façade. Knocked out power to the hot tub and tumbled the rock masonry.

All will be well. No one was hurt and it can be fixed. You just never know what "Mother Nature" has up her sleeve.

Doug and Martha Hawthorne. 1300 White Bluff Trail.

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